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Personal Safety Training that inspires confidence

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The Team

Andy Privett

Founder and Product Development Director

Andy P provides the ideas and concepts behind Streetwise365.  His drive is to create a resource that can be integrated into busy and vibrant organisations. A resource that will empower people to make high quality decisions with respect to their personal safety.

Andrew Laver

Marketing and IT Director

Andy L’s expertise is to bring Streetwise365 to life through digital channels. Andy ignites ideas into colour, graphics, pictures and videos. His many years of marketing experience allow us to reach out with our mission to make Streetwise365 available to schools and businesses in the UK

Jon Purton

Sales & Account Manager

Jon takes the Streetwise365 programmes directly into schools and businesses. Through Jon’s efforts we are developing a robust network of schools & organisations who are proactive in their approach to personal safety and well-being.

Alex Roberts

Sales & Account Manager

A new and valuable addition to the team, Alex brings a wealth of teaching experience. Alex sense of humour and engaging manner challenges organisations to think differently about personal safety and well-being.

Maria Martin

Secondary Specialist

Maria is a Secondary School Specialist who has brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the Streetwise365 resource. Her professionalism has helped structure the Streetwise365 lesson plans and content.

Deb Masling

Liaison Officer

Debbie loves to connect people. She has been chatting to schools and other related institutions to build links and spread the Streetwise365 message.

Coach Tony Blauer

Collaboration Partner

Coach Blauer has spent the last 4 decades developing the world’s most effective personal safety system…. ‘Spear’.  His company ‘Blauer Tactical’ trains law enforcement, military and first responders throughout the world. We are truly honoured to be part of his mission to make ‘Good People Safer’