A personal Safety Resource for Parents

An online resource which enables parents to upskill and educate their children with respect to personal safety.

 Streetwise365 for Parents - What is it?

'Streetwise365 for Parents' is a series of short videos that will empower parents to deliver personal safety education, strategies and skills to their children.

Our children need guidance and practical support to manage risk, and to make good decisions in this all important area.


Easy to follow videos
Increase child confidence
Junior section 4 to 11 years
Simple strategies
 knowledge and understanding
 Senior section 11 to 18 years

 500 children are mugged every day in the UK

(Office of National Statistics)

Would your child know what to do?


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 What is included in the videos:

The Danger Scale
 The Golden Rules
Focus Locks


Being the First Responder
Lines of Communication
Clever Never Goes


 Giving your child Permission
Assertive Body Language
 Case Study



 And much, much more...


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 Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the videos?

They range from 2 to 5 minutes in length.

How many videos are there?

40 videos in total, with 20 for the junior section and 20 for the senior section.

Why is there a video that deals with the 'law'?

All strategies and skills that we teach are morally, ethically and legally compliant. Knowing the law in respect to personal safety ensures that young people make good, informed choices.

Will we be taught practical strategies?

Yes,  and easy to implement strategies are given.

What is the case study?

This is a real life video of a young person using the strategies that we teach  to move to safety.


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