Youth Workers


Bringing our resources
to youth workers 

 Youth workers support young people whose lives are often challenging and complex.

To have influence and the chance of real change, youth workers need to positively impact on the decision-making of these young people and get them to manage risk more effectively.

a group of seven youth workers in yellow huddling together



Membership Area

This online area hosts all the resources needed to teach personal safety across the Year groups (Years 4 to 13). It includes the following:

  • Personal safety education and resources.
  • Lesson plans.
  • Videos.
  • Case studies.
  • Supporting documents.
  • Parent's webinars.

A complete ‘one-stop' shop.





Delivered by one of the Streetwise team. Workshops are interactive and engaging and have been designed to re-frame student decision-making. All workshops deal with real life scenarios.

Themes include:

  • Unwelcome approach from a stranger.
  • Being public transport safe.
  • Mobile phone mugging.
  • Attempted abduction.
  • Dealing with a confrontation on a night out.

All workshops are age appropriate and take in account the moral and legal aspect of actions.



Parents Resource

An online resource that enables parents to upskill & educate their children with respect to personal safety.

  • Short easy to follow videos.
  •  Personal safety education.
  •  Personal safety strategies.
  • A case study.
  • Junior and senior sections.

This resource can be accessed individually by parents, or the school can purchase a licence for all their parents.




Train the Trainer

This option allows those already working with young people to be trained in  our 3 flagship programmes. These programmes can be used to compliment  your existing offerings.

  • The Inclusion Unit.
  • Resolve365.

All training is backed up by a video library and support from head office.