Personal Safety Programmes for Primary and Secondary Schools.

  • Increase Student self-confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.
  • Written by teachers for teachers.
  • Bespoke Workshops.
  • Promotes good decision making.
  • Engages hard to reach Students
  • Full support from the Streetwise365 team.
  • Suitable for State and Independent Schools.
  • StreetWise365 meets the criteria for:
    PE and Sports Premium Funding
    Pupil Premium Funding 

Latest News

Skills Needed to Manage these Transitional Times

Skills Needed to Manage these Transitional Times

Covid-19: Managing fear

Covid-19: Managing Fear

Top Safety Tip: Be aware of your surrounding in the dark winter mornings and evenings

Be aware of your surroundings during the dark winter mornings and evenings.

Top Safety Tip: Enjoy your coffee but keep your valuables safe!

Enjoy your coffee but keep your valuables safe!

Top Safety Tip: Let others know your plans.

Let others know your plans. Especially any alterations that you make.

The Missing Curriculum In Schools Today

The Missing Curriculum In Schools Today

Top Safety Tip

Top Safety Tip Number #1!

Memorise your most important phone numbers…can you re-call them under pressure?

Streetwise365 Team on location filming new videos during summer break

During the Summer break the Streetwise365 team were out and about in Cheltenham filming our latest Physical Personal Safety videos.

Interview with Andy Privett

During a break in filming for the latest Streetwise365 product, the new Parent Online Resource, Phil Collins managed to speak to Founder and Product Development Director Andy Privett about the whole Streetwise365 product.


Streetwise365 brings together best practice and strategies in personal safety from around the world.

Students will be educated to:

DETECT situations.

DEFUSE situations.

DEFEND themselves in an ethical manner.


Programmes and workshops are ethically morally and legally compliant.


Empowering young people to make quality personal safety decisions

Workshop held at Cheltenham Ladies College

Streetwise365 working with


“Streetwise365 helps our girls to make informed decisions to keep themselves safe.”

Collette Dobbs

Head of Wellbeing, Cheltenham Ladies College

“Streetwise365 ran a fantastic workshop on personal safety for our sixth formers, they are now certainly more confident to deal with, confrontational situations.”

Ian Connor

Deputy Head, King Edwards Grammar, Birmingham

“In short, the Streetwise365 team have been an inspiration to all of the students, parents and staff at Burford School.”

Stu Basset

Assistant Head Teacher, Burford School

“Streetwise365 offered a tailored programme where we felt there was a specific need for pupils”

Stu Smith

Assistant Headteacher, Cotswold School

Students will be empowered to:




Detect danger in their surroundings.
Defuse situations that are getting out of control.
Defend themselves in an ethical manner.
Streetwise365 is aligned to Coach Tony Blauer and Blauer Tactical.
The Blauer Tactical System is used by police forces and professionals throughout the world.

The Good Childhood Report 2017 written by York University gives the following stats:

The FEAR of crime affects

2.2 million

children in the UK

1 in 4

boys FEAR being assaulted or mugged

1 in 3

girls FEAR being followed by a stranger

The Good Childhood Report: The world’s largest study into child happiness, focusing on UK children aged 10 to 17 year olds.

Streetwise365 empowers students to keep themselves safe no matter what the situation.

Much of the Streetwise365 education is about awareness and understanding, which drives high-quality decision making.

The aim of the programme Is for students to detect and defuse dangers before they move towards a situation where a physical response is needed.

3691 Students have been through programmes and workshops.
Our aim for this year is to empower 10,000 students to be safe.

‘The ability to protect yourself,
is inarguably, the single greatest
skill you could possess’

Coach Tony Blauer

The Streetwise365 FREE Workshop

Our FREE 40 minute Streetwise365 Personal Safety Workshop is a great introduction to our full programme and we are currently offering this FREE to Schools. Simply click on the links below and we will contact you to book your Workshop.

Primary Schools

FREE Workshop

for your School

Secondary Schools

FREE Workshop

for your School

Free 40-minute personal safety workshop.

Delivered on site at your School/College.

Workshop based around a personal safety scenario.

Both theory and practical skills.

Fun and engaging.

You get to see the Streetwise365 programme in action.

What you get by being a part of Streetwise365

Online Resource for use by Teachers.


Full staff training.  

Support from the Streetwise365 Team.




Safeguarding support.

Develops whole child.

Student and staff well-being.

Improvements in teaching time.

Supports inspection criteria.

Improves decision-making.

Increased self-confidence.

Understanding of ego.

Supports resilience levels.

Increase self-esteem.

The Ambassador Programme

StreetWise365 has designed a cutting-edge Ambassador Programme, so that teachers can work proactively with ‘hard to reach’ students within their school setting.

The Students are taught the following:

The very best personal safety information and concepts.

Coaching skills.

How to deliver personal safety workshops to younger students.

‘The programme allows disengaged students to interact positively with each other, teachers, the school environment, and the community as a whole’ 

Andy Privett: Streetwise365

Challenges and dangers our children face everyday

Lack of awareness
EGO Driven Behaviour
No fear management skills
Poor decision making

Streetwise365 Personal Safety Programme

Ready-made lesson plans with supporting notes.
Personal safety videos.
EGO videos.
Facts and figures.
Working with parents.
Top safety tips.

Streetwise365 Personal Safety Workshops

Taught by the trained Streetwise365 team.
Delivered on site at your School or College.
Tailored to meet your particular needs and requirements.
Engaging and relevant.
Deal with real life situations.
Introducing many of the Streetwise365 concepts.

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St Edward’s School


Burford School


Prestbury School


Primary Schools

FREE Workshop

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Secondary Schools

FREE Workshop

for your School


Personal Safety Programmes for Primary and Secondary Schools.

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