Important Notice

At this difficult time we wanted to reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of our clients, students, family and friends is always our top priority.
In light of the current situation, we’re carefully following the advice from the government and health authorities. With the interactive nature of our Streetwise365 Personal Safety Workshops we have postponed any upcoming Workshops until after the Coronavirus crisis had past.
We’ve made a few changes to the way we operate as a business, with a focus on social distancing and most of our staff will be working remotely.
We will continue to concentrate on our social media activity so you will still have access to our Top Safety Tips and Personal Safety articles.
Please stay safe and we look forward to getting back out to Schools and Colleges once the current crisis has past.

Personal Safety Programmes & Workshops that build Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem & Resilience

Streetwise365 brings together best practice & strategies in personal safety from around the world

Our practical training and Online resource cube allow our programmes to integrate easily into all working environments. Once trained, participants will be able to:

1. Detect danger in their environments.

2. Defuse situations that are spiralling out of control.

3. Defend themselves, in an appropriate manner, if the situation requires it.

Helping our Children to make Safe Decisions

As parents, our No 1 concern for our children is their safety, we know that the world can be challenging and at times, a dangerous place. We want our children to be ready for the risks that life might present. As parents, we always feel that we should be doing more but are not always sure of the right and proper advice to give.

This 1-hour workshop will be packed full of practical tips & advice so that you can work effectively with your child/children. It’s about presenting the right information in the right manner so that our children can grow to make mature and safe choices. The principles that we will touch upon have an application to a wide age range – from 3 years old to our older children who are striving for their independence.

Streetwise365 Personal Safety Workshop

Aimed at all Year groups within a school and is powered by an Online Resource Cube that is accessible 24/7. There is no preparation for the teachers as the resources are already prepared and ‘ready to go’, lesson plans, videos, safety tips, facts and figures, a behaviour plan and so much more.

The programme gets students to manage their fears and challenge their egos. When they do this effectively, they start to make better quality decisions. As competence, awareness and understanding grows this improves self-confidence. When you add all these things together you get resilience and resilient children make good learners

Current Total of Students

With 3691 students already benefiting from the Streetwise365 concept of Personal Safety we want to reach 10,000 by the end of 2020.

This is where we need your help.

To help us to make this a reality we need your assistance in making contact with Schools, Children’s Clubs and Organisations.

Primary Schools

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Secondary Schools

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As organisations we have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure that our students, staff and employees are safe and free from harm. Streetwise365 educates and empowers individuals to effectively deal with confrontation and aggression, in a proactive manner. These newly acquired skills and increased understanding will promote better decision-making in all areas of personal safety.

All concepts, information and techniques, in the Streetwise programmes are morally, ethically and legally compliant

“In short, the Streetwise365 team have been an inspiration to all of the students, parents and staff at Burford School.”

Stu Basset

Assistant Headteacher, Burford School

Streetwise365 ran a fantastic workshop on personal safety for our sixth formers, they are now certainly more confident to deal with, confrontational situations.

Ian Connor

Deputy Head, King Edwards Grammar, Birmingham