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 Andy Privett


My name is Andy Privett and I provide the ideas and structure behind Streetwise365. The Streetwise programmes and resources are a result of my life and work experiences, as well as my diverse teaching background.

My first experience of working with young people was in children's homes and adolescent units as a residential social worker.

My teaching took me to Zimbabwe where I had the pleasure of working in the townships of Harare. Back in the UK, I became Head of a Lower School and a Behavioural Lead at an EBD school in Gloucestershire.



Andy Privitt - Streetwise 365's creator

 How to make students  safer?

During my teaching and whilst running my self-defence club I kept asking myself the following question: How do I make people safer?

It was at this time that my association providing personal safety education started with Coach Tony Blauer at Blauer Tactical. Blauer Tactical have worked in the field of personal safety and de-escalation for over 4 decades. Coach Blauer is a world authority in this area and teaches first responders all over the world.

My simple mission is to make the world a safer place by making Streetwise365, and its student safety workshops available to every student in the UK.


‘Together we will make the world a safer place.'



Our Staff

 Kitty Coley

Personal Safety Education provider in Cheltenham and nationally

Kitty is a connector for Streetwise365. She works her magic by networking with like-minded people and taking the Streetwise message into the marketplace. 

Kitty's organisational skills bring clarity to Streetwise  and she has a deep passion for our mission to make every child in the UK safer. 

 Grace Privett

Personal Safety Education provider in Cheltenham and nationally

By default, Grace has grown up in a Streetwise environment. Her insight and intuition have helped shape many of the resources & training programmes. 

Grace's energies are now solely focused on the bestreetwise Tik Tok channel. She brings a 'teenager's perspective' to our message and her passion is to make people around the world safer. 

 Wesley Caine

Personal Safety Education provider in Cheltenham and nationally

Wes is the technical expertise behind the scenes. He monitors the website and has created the membership and training areas. He is invaluable to our efforts.
Wesley has always had a strong desire to make others safer. For the last 10 years he has been an instructor at a self defence club where he passes on his wisdom  and expertise to others.



 Our Partnerships

 Blauer Tactical

Coach Tony Blauer has spent the last 4 decades developing the world's most effective personal safety system. His company ‘Blauer Tactical' trains law enforcement, military and first responders all over the world.

 Clever Never Goes

The Clever Never Goes programme has been developed to replace the out-dated ‘stranger danger' approach. It teaches children to recognise when someone is trying to persuade them to go with them. Clever Never Goes has been created to empower children, parents and teachers, and forms an integral part of our student safety workshops.

  Teen Tips

Alicia and her team support mental health & wellbeing in children and adolescents. 

  Antonia Noble at DSLs Together

Antonia is a barrister  & safeguading specialist who supports DSLs in education. She has built a community of DSLs who benefit from her professional guidance & support. 







Our Mission Statement

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