Personal Safety Knowledge and Understanding


Introduction and Attitudes

 We start this section with an introduction and the 4 attitudes that people have with respect to personal safety.




The Danger Scale

 It is important that we have a metric with which to measure danger. The ‘danger scale' provides a tool with which to have a straightforward & objective discussion about risk.




The First Responder

 When a personal safety is compromised, it is the child who will be the first responder in that situation. It is their responsibility to take actions that will move them to safety.




The Definition of Personal Safety

 Good personal safety skills do not always involve a physical response. This empowering definition of personal safety will give your child many options when dealing with a difficult situation.




The Bad Guy

 The threat to personal safety can be external. This can be summed up by the term ‘The Bad Guy.'




Giving your Child Permission

 A young person needs to view themselves as important enough to defend. Some children may need this message reinforced.






 Young people need the ability to manage their fears & emotions if they are going to make good decisions in personal safety situations.




The Golden Rules

 Here are 3 simple rules that will help in the decision-making process when a young person is facing a difficult situation.