for Primary Schools

Personal Safety

The Workshops are designed to be delivered to small groups, single classes, whole year groups and staff teams.

Workshops run from 1 to 3 hours with a variety of personal safety themes to choose from.

Personal Safety

Examples of Student Workshops

Key Stage 1

Losing your Parents.

Key Stage 1

Moving to safety in the park.

Key Stage 2

Dealing with an unwelcome approach from a stranger.

Key Stage 2

Dealing with a person ‘demanding’ your mobile phone.

Key Stage 2

Preparation for Secondary Transition.

We are always happy to develop themes and scenarios to meet the needs of individual schools.

Staff Workshops

Staff are 3 times more likely to be attacked at work than the average UK worker. Jermaine Ravalier of Bath University points out that a growing area of concern for teachers is that of aggressive parents.

Dealing appropriately with aggressive parents


An intruder on site


Isolated a badly lit carparks

These workshops take the staff team through a series of practical skills. However, the main focus is that of emotional and fear management.

Benefits to the School

Puts the students at the centre of the school agenda.

Supports all anti-bullying initiatives

Helps prepare students for next stage development and independent living.

Is an excellent marketing tool aimed at perspective parents.

Addresses ‘real life’ situations that worry young people.

Interactive and engaging.

Supports the whole school agenda and ticks many boxes for Ofsted & the Independent School Inspectorate.

Workshop Outcomes

The workshops get students to manage their fears and challenge their egos. When they do this effectively, they start to make better quality decisions. As competence, awareness and understanding grows this improves self-confidence. When you add all these things together you get resilience and resilient children make good learners.

These workshops will get the young people to reflect on their thoughts and beliefs, and the important role that these have to play in personal safety decisions. In just a few hours, participates will access the outcomes listed above


£500 per day

£250 per half day

£100 per hour

Student Workshops: (you could use our time in the following ways)

Example: Two Year 3 workshops in the morning (one and a half hours each). In the afternoon combine the Year 6 groups for a 2-hour workshop.

Please click below to check out our Personal Safety Programme….this will underpin all the good work undertaken in the Workshops.