Personal Safety Programmes for Alternative Provision Units

The Alternative Provision Offer

The Streetwise365 programme has great relevance and adaptability for those providing Alternative Provision. Many of your students may fall into the high-risk categories. As well as the best practical skills, Streetwise365 will make students more aware of their own behaviour and the affect that it has on their safety.

Alternative Provision Online Resource

Ready to go:

  • Staff training.
  • Facts & Figures.
  • Legals.
  • Lesson Plans.
  • Videos.
  • Working with Parents.
  • Inclusion.

And much more…

The resource allows teachers to deliver a complete and comprehensive programme of personal safety to their students.

Alternative Provision Workshops

Delivered in an interactive and fun manner, with age-appropriate personal safety scenarios.

Many of the Unit and PRU we work with combine the online resource with the workshops for greatest impact.

Programme & Workshop Benefits

Puts the students at the centre of the Unit and PRU agenda.
Supports all anti-bullying initiatives.
Helps prepare students for next stage development and independent living.
Is an excellent marketing tool aimed at perspective parents.
Addresses ‘real life’ situations that worry young people.
Cost effective & sustainable.

Supports the whole Unit and PRU agenda and ticks many boxes for Ofsted & the Independent School Inspectorate.

Examples of how the Streetwise365 Programme can be delivered in a Unit and PRU Setting?


Tutor Time


Specialist Days

Inclusion Teams


Physical Education

Targeted Groups 

Streetwise365 Online Programme & Workshops


Online Programme

£400 1 Year Licence
(For a maximum of 160 students.)

£2.50 per additional student





£500 per day

(Due to the bespoke nature of our Workshops we are able to tailor the content to meet your individual requirements, we therefore like to discuss the content of the your Workshop and then give a quote.)

Primary Schools

FREE Workshop

for your School

Secondary Schools

FREE Workshop

for your School




This programme allows us to work in partnership with a select number of individual Unit and PRU. Unit and PRU receive greater support and can access the programme at a reduced cost.
Contact us to see if your Unit and PRU would be eligible.

Programme & Workshop Outcomes

The programme gets students to manage their fears and challenge their egos. When they do this effectively, they start to make better quality decisions. As competence, awareness and understanding grows this improves self-confidence. When you add all these things together you get resilience and resilient children make good learners.


Personal Safety Programmes for Primary and Secondary Schools.

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