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At Streetwise we feel that everyone should have the awareness, education and skills to deal with their own personal safety in an appropriate and effective manner. We need a ‘toolkit’ that allows us to make safe choices.  When our personal safety is compromised we have to accept that we are the ‘First Responders’ in our own emergency and that out actions will determine the outcome.

Can we wait for back up to arrive? Even if the police arrived on scene within 5 minutes we know that this response time will be too slow. The evidence shows us that our personal safety will have been compromised over and over again during this 5-minute period.

In many cases volatile situations and confrontation can be dealt with effectively by detection and defusing techniques.

Streetwise365 feels strongly that generation after generation have been failed with respect to effective personal safety training. The Government, Police and School system has failed to create a system that teaches personal safety in a holistic manner.

A big driver for us a Streetwise365 is the Good Childhood Report

The Good Childhood Report 2017, commissioned by York University, is the world’s biggest study into child happiness, focusing on children in the UK. They found that the biggest barrier to happiness is the ‘fear of crime’. This fear effects over 2.2 million children in the UK. They worry about crime over and above their parents being able to pay the household bills.

The report also shows us:

With the fear of crime being so high and crime figures increasing, we are seeing a negative impact on people’s self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. What we know is that fear stifles learning and potential across all  areas.

To enhance and underpin our programmes we had created collaborations with individuals, companies and charities that are leaders in their fields. 2 of our most important collaborations are with ‘Blauer Tactical’ and ‘Clever Never Goes’.



Blauer Tactical

Coach Tony Blauer has spent the last 3 decades developing the world’s most effective personal safety system. His company ‘Blauer Tactical’ trains law enforcement, military and first responders all over the world. This unique system breaks down personal safety into 3 areas:

  1. Detect to avoid. See danger in your environments
  2. Defuse to deescalate. Being able to take action that defuses a volatile situation.
  3. ‘Defend…to be able to physically defend yourself in an effective and legally compliant manner.

Clever Never Goes  

The ‘Clever Never Goes’ programme has been developed to replace the out-dated ‘stranger danger’ approach. Research shows that teaching children simply to avoid strangers fails to keep them safe. Strangers are often more likely to help a child than to harm them. Conversely, it can often be people known to children that pose the greatest threat.

‘Clever Never Goes’ moves the focus away from strangers and instead teaches children to recognise when someone (whether they are known to the child or not) is trying to persuade them to go with them. The programme is designed to build children’s confidence and to give them practical skills to recognise and respond to a potentially dangerous situation as they gain more independence.

Clever Never Goes has been created to empower children, parents and teachers