What do we do?

Streetwise365 designs personal safety programmes & resources for schools/colleges, the youth sector, and parents.
All the programmes are underpinned by a philosophy of de-escalation.
Students are enabled to identify potentially dangerous situations before they occur, defuse conflict and encounters, and are given the ability to defend themselves by manoeuvring to safety.

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 How does the 3Ds Framework of Personal Safety work?


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Firstly our young people need the ability to detect danger in their environments.

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Secondly our young people need the ability to de-escalate situations which may
spiral out of control.

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And thirdly our young people need the ability to employ functional movement to
move them to safety.



 We Collaborate With

  Antonia Noble at DSLs Together

Antonia Noble from DSLs Together

Antonia is a barrister  & safeguading specialist who supports DSLs in education. She has built a community of DSLs who benefit from her professional guidance & support. 

  Teen Tips


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Alicia and her team support mental health & wellbeing in children and adolescents. 



  Clever Never Goes 

the robot mascot for Clever Never Goes

Clever Never Goes is a lovable robot who is challenging the outdated 'stranger danger' message. Clever empowers children to recognise risk and make good decisions that will keep them safe. 





Why Streetwise365?

Our personal safety training gives students agency and confidence to make danger-avoiding decisions, often before trouble even occurs.

Our framework is built around three steps: Detection, Defusing, and Defence. In this way, we give the students the skills and strategies to stay safe.

Fear of crime is one of the greatest causes of unhappiness among young people, and having the awareness, competence and confidence to deal with a wide range of situations.

Our overall aim is to give students the skills and strategies to move to safety.


Why do we need Streetwise365?

  • Fear of crime is the most common cause of unhappiness among young people in the UK, affecting 2.2 million children.
  • 1 million children are victims of crime every year. The Good Childhood Report 2017 written by York University, shows that 1 in 4 boys fear being assaulted or mugged, and 1 in 3 girls fear being followed by a stranger.
  • With our personal safety education, students have the tools to avoid crime and conflict, de-escalate situations, and defend themselves in an appropriate manner from becoming victims of crime.







The Benefits of Streetwise365


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 Help to reduce
safeguarding incidents

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 As a whole initiative it will
improve wellbeing and safety


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 Support young people to
manage risk effectively

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Support for the whole child


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 Easily integrated into
existing timetables

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 Enhance parent confidence in the school's safeguarding practice

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Specific programme for
hard-to-reach students

 an icon of two hands grasping together

 Supporting the principles
of safeguarding


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