Personal Safety Programmes for Primary and Secondary Schools

The Missing Curriculum In Schools Today

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The Missing Curriculum In Schools Today

The Good Childhood Report­­ 2019 (Prepared by the Children Society) tells us that the number 1 fear for children growing up in the UK is the fear of crime and this fear affects 2.2 million 10 to 17-year olds.

  • 1 in 4 boys fear being assaulted or mugged.
  • 1 in 3 girls fear being followed by a stranger.

The UK Crime figures for the year ending June 2019 show that knife crime has increased by around 7{be9a91503eeb981a73359abdd38458f2a2d10e65df80ae87f55cd537e61b767b}, anti-social behaviour has increased by 9{be9a91503eeb981a73359abdd38458f2a2d10e65df80ae87f55cd537e61b767b} and robbery with violence increased by 11{be9a91503eeb981a73359abdd38458f2a2d10e65df80ae87f55cd537e61b767b}.
(Data: Crime in England and Wales: year ending June 2019, Office for National Statistics)

So, maybe they are right to have these fears about their personal safety.

But how does this fear affect their lives at home, at school and in the community?

We are already seeing less confident students in our schools and colleges; this leads to behaviour, educational and social problems. A lack of personal safety skills will put them in harm’s way.

We need to help them to reduce these fears. By improving their personal safety skills and thereby increasing their personal confidence and well-being; to not only feel safe but to actually be safe!


The Problem with the Current Curriculum

The current school curriculum seeks to equip children with life skills through PHSE and life skills curriculums. This offers opportunities for schools to provide internal school-based lessons as well as inviting outside speakers to educate children in their wider social needs and responsibilities.

A commendable step in the right direction from the purely academic approaches in schools only a short few decades ago.

But I do not believe this is enough.

Often there is a lack of knowledge within the Schools (and available time within school timetables) to truly upskill the students. The yearly visit by the local bobby, although welcomed, does not address the specific needs of the students to deal with the multiple potentially dangerous situations and scenarios they face in their daily lives.


The Missing Curriculum

In my opinion, existing personal safety education, does not deal directly with the 3 most important elements of personal safety.

1. How to detect danger in your surroundings
2. How to defuse potentially dangerous situations
3. If required how to defend yourself and move to safety

Our job as educationalists is to give our children a framework with which they can deal with the multiple daily scenarios our dynamic and changing modern world will throw at them. To give them the skills to feel confident, be resilient and allow them to realise their full potential.

With Streetwise365 I wanted to create that framework, allowing us to work as a team; parents, teachers, organizations such as the Police and the children themselves to give them the support, guidance and resources they need to build positive personal safety techniques. Using online programmes and workshops that will build confident and resilient students who will be able to manage their fears and stay safe.

Until we have a strong, coordinated ‘personal safety’ curriculum working in our schools and colleges then we will continue to have students whose lives will be dictated by the fear of crime.