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Covid-19: Managing fear

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Covid-19: Managing Fear

A key element of the Streetwise365 programme and workshops is the management of fear. Fear management will play a major role in the successful outcome of any physical confrontation.

This skillset of managing fear can be applied to our everyday lives, and in particular the situation that we find ourselves with Covid-19.

Coach Tony Blauer talks about 3 golden rules which will help you deal with any fearful situation or event:

  1. Accept what is happening. Denial will not find a solution to a problem. However hard or difficult the situation is we must accept, first and foremost, that we are in it.
  2. Get challenged. This is where you look at strategic options to solve the problem. This gets the mind operational and looking for solutions. If we are looking for solutions, we are less likely to fixate and freeze in the moment.
  3. Keep thinking. All situations are fluid and changing. Our job is to change our mindset and thinking, as the circumstances change.

By applying the three steps above, we will be able to appropriately solve challenges and problems as they present themselves.