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Personal Safety

Personal Safety

Streetwise365 have a range of workshops that are interactive, informative and have a lasting impact on staff. The workshops deal with ‘real life’ personal safety situations and offer both a theoretical context and easy to implement practical skills to empower people to move to safety.


The workshops cover subjects such as:

Personal Safety:facts and figures… the real story.

How to detect danger in your surroundings.

How to access indignation…the fuel of self-defence.

Fear and emotional management.

Skills to defuse volatile situations.

The world’s best practical skills to deal with physical confrontation.

We are always happy to develop themes and scenarios to meet individual business needs.


Half day: £400

Full Day: £750

(We can train 24 members of staff in a single 3-hour session… a total of 48 staff in one day)

We are always happy to discuss bespoke training packages

Please click below to check out our Personal Safety Programme….this will underpin all the good work undertaken in the Workshops