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Personal Safety Programme

All organisations understand that they have a ‘duty of care’ under the Health & Safety Act (1974) to make arrangements to keep their staff safe and free from harm….both in and away from the office. Truly successful companies are proactive in this area and put their staff’s ‘health & well-being’ at the centre of their business culture.

The Streetwise365 Business Programme brings together best practice and strategies in Personal Safety from around the world.

The Online Resource Cube

Each section is designed with the teachers in mind…. easy to use and implement information, concepts & resources.
Students need to be empowered to take responsibility for their own personal safety.


Videos and Pdf documents that will guide you through the personal safety programme. This section is the starting point of getting to know how the programme fits together.

Facts and Figures

Up to date and relevant crime figures relating to the UK. Also included in this section (for the teachers reference) is personal safety and how it relates to criminal and civil law.


This short video will immediately ‘up-skill’ the staff with respect to personal safety. These videos lay the foundation for the Streetwise365 experience.

D1 Detect

Personal safety starts with beliefs and internal thinking. This section deals with ‘EGO’ driven behaviour and the wider application of situational awareness.

The 3 i’s

Our internal security system has been domesticated and supressed. The 3is re-connects people with instinct and intuition and intelligent decision making.


This is the fuel of self defence that moves a person to safety. We will access this ‘Don’t you Dare!’ attitude through a personal directive.

Fear Management

One of the most important sections in the programme, it deals with fear and emotional management skills. Staff will be able to take many of these skills into the workplace.

Physical & Defuse

These are easy to implement and practical skills that all your staff will be able to access. Starting from a posture of defusion, they are morally, legally and ethically compliant. All skills are vetted and used in police forces and the military.


As staff build their competence and awareness this positively impacts on their ability to make quality decisions


£750 for each training day (48 member of staff can be trained in a day)

£25 per staff member for access to the resource cube

Working Example: A business with 96 staff

2 training days: £1500

96 staff accessing the resource cube: £2400

Total cost: £3900

The Streetwise365 Business Personal Safety Programme is only available on an annual licence agreement.

What is Included in the Price?

1. Multiple staff access to the resource cube

2. Initial personal safety training, delivered by the Streetwise365 team

3. On-going support from the Streetwise365 team

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